This tour that focuses on the Amazonia Rainforest is a very good option for those that do not have a lot of time but would like to see and experience the different latitudinal levels and ecosystems.
The tour includes: lodging, all meals, transportation, and a well equipped expert guide.

Price: email for details

Early start from Cusco By car. There is much to see today as we travel through traditional communities of Quechua Indians. We’ll have views of glaciers and the magnificent eastern ranges of the Andes. If the weather is clear at Ajcanacu pass at 3500 meters above sea-level, excellent views over the Amazon Basin can be had before we plunge down into the orchid laden Cloud Forest. We pass through pristine mountain rainforest and take a picnic lunch amongst cascading waterfalls. If we are lucky we may see a Cock-of-the-Rock here. In the late afternoon we reach the Alto Madre de Dios River where our boats will be waiting to take us over to the comfortable Amazonia Lodge, with a welcome Pisco Sour we’ll experience the varied sounds that will accompany our first night in lowland Amazonian rainforest. Interesting cheap option for manu tours.

Amazonia Lodge is the perfect place for a few days of rest for visitors traveling between the Andean Highlands and the lowland forests of Manu. Our 360 hectares are in pre-mountain rain forest. The altitude range of the property is between 500 m to 1050 m with different kinds of habitats. This range in altitude explains the high diversity of wildlife. It is in the Andean foothills There are miles of good trails, a long shady entrance road, and lots of spectacular birds and primates, other manmals. Everyone enjoys the good food and the quietly understated hospitality lavished on visitors. Evenings are magical. With the glow of candlelight on spare walls, the touch of stocking feet on spotless wooden floors, and a world of rainforest sounds just a few steps away, hot wather shower, it is a place that beckons irresistibly.

Early mourning visit to Mascoitania Macaw Clay Lick 20 Minutes by Boat from Amazonia Lodge.
Afther Breakfast at Amazonia Lodge walk through on the extensive trail system where is possible to observe monkeys, and a large variety of birds and the Tropical Forest ifself.

In “Amazonia Lodge” part of the forest is mature Secondary Sucessional Forest. The characteristic vegetation for this type of forest is rerepresented mainly by the families “Moreceae, Cecropiaceae, Piperaceae, Mimosaceae, Melastomataceae, Heliconiaceae and nu

Guest in lodge

The Fauna is mainly composed of primates like Saimiri scireus (Squirel Monkey), Cebus apella (Brown Capuchin Monkey), Cebus albiforns (White Fronted Capuchin Monkey), and other malmans grouped under different families like the White lipped Peccary (Tayassu pecari), Collared Peccary (Tayassu tajacu), Capybara (Hydrochaeris hydrochaeris), Brazilian Tapir (Tapirus terrestris), etc.

Variety of birds
As far as birds go, the most representative in this type of habitat are: Psarocolius angustifrons (Russet Backed Oropendola), Ramphocelus carbo (Masked Crimson Tanager), Thraupis episcopus ( Blue Gray Tanager), Crypturellus undulatus (Undulated Tinamu), Ara Severa ( Chesnut Fronted Macaw), Leptotila rufaxila ( Gray Fronted Dove). Many anphibians and reptiles like the White Caiman (Caiman crocodilus).

DAY 3:
A stroll along the Primary Forest where one can observe tress of considerable size, there are also monkeys and other species of animals and vegetation most representative in this type of habitat.

There exist in the Montaneous region of the “Amazonia Lodge” ( 500-1100 meters above sea level) a primary Forest that has never been intervened ( cutting down, agriculture). This Forest shows a marked difference in Habitats. As far as the Floristic composition, There are varied species of vegetation represented by different Families, such as Arecacea, Bombacacea, Lecitidaceae, Orchidaceae, Sapotaceae, Euphorbiaceae, etc. The most representative trees are Dipterix alata ( Chihuahuaco), Hura crepitans (Catahua ), Cedrelinga cataneiformis ( Aguano) and others.This forest mainly has primates of considerable size. Such as Ateles paniscus( Spider Monkey), Lagothrix lagotricha (Wooly Monkey) and numerous mammals.


Some of the representative species of birds are Ara ararauna (Blue and Yellow Macaw), Ara Militaris (Military Macaw), Ara macao ( Scarlet Macaw). In addition there are numerous members of the families of the Families Accipitridae (Eagles and Falcons), Trochilidae ( Hummingbirds), Trogonidae (Trogons), Formicaridae ( Antbirds) and Tyrannidae ( Flycatchers), etc.

Day 4:
Return to Cusco.
Optional 1 day and night extension in the Cloud Forest.
In the morning after the 1 day extension a visit the Cock-of-the-Rock lek.
After breakfast return to Cusco on day 5.